Foundation Programs

The Foundation for Health Care Quality supports a rich variety of on-going member-based programs and long-term projects, in addition to short-term and/or one-time initiatives, all of which help us to advance the shared health information needs of the community.

Performance Measurement & Quality Improvement

The Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP) is a physician-led quality improvement activity that focuses on cardiac revascularization procedures in Washington State.  Visit COAP at

The Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP), modeled on the cardiac COAP quality improvement activity, began as a statewide, physician-led QI activity expanding the COAP processes and principles to selected abdominal surgical procedures. It now also addresses QI initiatives in pediatric surgery and in vascular and spine care.  Visit the SCOAP website at

The Obstetrics Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (OB COAP) is designed to facilitate physician leaders and hospitals working together in a voluntary and collaborative way to review clinical outcomes data and seek improvements in labor and delivery care. Visit the OB COAP website at

The Washington State Legislature established the Bree Collaborative in 2011 so that public and private health care stakeholders would have the opportunity to identify specific ways to improve health care quality, outcomes, and affordability in Washington State. Stakeholders are appointed by the Governor and identify up to three health care services annually with high variation in the way that care is delivered, that are frequently used but do not lead to better care or patient health, or that have patient safety issues. We develop evidence-based recommendations that are sent to the Health Care Authority to guide the type of health care provided to Medicaid enrollees, state employees, and other groups. Learn more:

Patient Safety

The Washington Patient Safety Coalition (WPSC) is dedicated to improving patient safety and reducing medical errors for individuals receiving health care in Washington, in all care settings. Current activities focus on addressing transitions in care. Visit WPSC at

Communication Resolution Program (CRP)

Poor communication among healthcare workers is a fundamental cause of most preventable injuries. Furthermore, when patients are harmed by their healthcare, open and transparent communication about what happened is uncommon. For these reasons, the CRP is proud to assemble a diverse group of stakeholders from across the state of Washington to transform communication in healthcare. Learn more at

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