Strategic Context

Healthcare in the United States is delivered within a pluralistic and competitive marketplace that changes regularly in part to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated consumers.

To describe the system as complex hardly conveys the range of benefits offered (both by public and private parties), the range of therapeutic options available, or the payment models and public health initiatives aimed at preventing illnesses and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Single institution initiatives may be brilliant, yet are quickly lost in the background noise of other activities.  Multi-million dollar investments that take years to implement and many more years to “pay back” discourage quick adoption of potentially dramatic, but not-yet-confirmed, clinical breakthroughs.

The Foundation creates a variety of mechanisms to increase the conversation on these subjects among its stakeholders.  With Foundation support, health care leaders and consumers identify objectives that go beyond established borders, identify projects that improve outcomes and constantly attempt to reduce redundancies and administrative complexity.

“FHCQ is a great safe harbor for all stakeholders to come together to debate and solve the important and sensitive issues that face healthcare today.”

David R. Flum, Associate Professor, Dept of Surgery, University of Washington
— Former SCOAP Medical Director