The Foundation for Health Care Quality is the sponsor for, and the home of, a number of programs which deal with variability, outcomes and quality in various medical and surgical services. In addition, we have been a long time participant in the health care technology arena, and sponsor a major statewide patient safety coalition. Our most recent sponsored program is HealthPact, which focuses on how systems and individuals deal with unanticipated events. Each of these programs has its own portion of this website.

The Foundation’s resources are used frequently to bring together people with varied perspectives around a shared goal: the continual improvement of sustainable health care that meets or exceeds established standards. We invite you to learn all you can about our work, and to contact us if you have comments or questions, or if you wish to become involved.

“The Foundation for Health Care Quality provides a collaborative and creative environment in which cross-sector health care leaders can focus on innovative solutions to pressing health issues.” —Dorothy F. Teeter, MHA, Former Chief of Health Operations, Public Health – Seattle & King Co.