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Bree Collaborative 2025 Topics Public Survey

Link to the Survey

Closing: July 7th, 2024, at 11:59PM

Provide a suggested topic for 2025 by completing the form above! The responses to this survey will be reviewed by our Bree Collaborative members at our July Bree Member meeting on July 24th, 2024 1-3PM.Currently, the Bree Collaborative has developed over 40 reports. For 2025, we are looking to revisit previous Bree Report topics and identify new topics for which we have not convened a workgroup yet.

The Bree Collaborative is a neutral convener for public and private healthcare stakeholders within the Washington State healthcare ecosystem to come together to identify specific ways to improve healthcare quality, outcomes, affordability, and equity in the state.

Each year, our members identify health care services with high variation in the way that care is delivered, that are frequently used but do not lead to better care or patient health, or that have patient safety issues or equity issue. For most topics, Bree forms an expert workgroup to develop evidence-based guidelines. Guidelines take into account existing quality improvement programs and the work done by other organizations and are then sent to the Washington State Health Care Authority to guide the type of health care provided to Medicaid enrollees, state employees, and other groups. We have developed guidelines in a wide variety of clinical areas from obstetrics to end-of-life care. See our complete list here.

What we want to know:

  • There is a unique contribution a Bree Collaborative workgroup could add for Washington state
  • The topic meets our four criteria:
    • Equity concerns: care and/or outcomes are inequitable between different populations in our state.
    • High variation: care is delivered differently depending on site or circumstances, with potential undertreatment or overtreatment.
    • High cost and/or utilization: The cost or utilization of care is high, which combined with poor outcomes could indicate potential waste in the healthcare system.
    • Poor outcomes: all or some populations affected experience poor outcomes
  • Some evidence is available on proven strategies to address the health topic
  • Current data is publicly available on the health topic.
  • Standardizing practice, protocols, processes, or measurement and tracking could strengthen care for this topic, which the Bree report could address.
  • Requires a multistakeholder collaborative approach to drive change.


Question: Can I submit more than one topic?

Answer: Yes! We ask that you submit a separate form for each individual topic. There is not limit to the number of topics you suggest.

Question: What if I want to suggest revision of a current topic?

Answer: Submit it under the same form and indicate in the topic name which report you’d like revised. For example, if you wanted to suggest we revise the Treatment for OUD report in its entirety, you can type “Treatment for OUD Revision”

Question: Can I work on a submission with my organization?

Answer: Yes, we encourage it! Feel free to consult others on your submissions and suggest strategies that could be within scope for a workgroup review.

Question: How will I know my topic has been chosen?

Answer: We will review the public survey answers with our Bree Collaborative members at our July Bree Member Meeting on July 24th, 2024, 1-3PM. Meeting materials and zoom link will be added one week before the meeting here. At that meeting, we will narrow down the potential topics that move on to September meeting for the final vote and selection. To keep up to date on our meeting schedules, sign up for our newsletter here!


For any other questions about the survey or process of topic selection, please contact Beth Bojkov, MPH, RN, Director of Research & Best Practice at If you’d like to reach the Bree Collaborative staff team otherwise, you may also email