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The Surgical Care Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP) is a physician-led collaborative whose goal is to improve quality by reducing variation in process of care and outcomes at every hospital and surgical site in the region.

SCOAP is an engaged community of clinicians working to build a safer, higher quality, and more cost effective surgical healthcare system.

SCOAP offers unique benefits to hospitals, surgeons and to the public. Participation in SCOAP does not preclude participation in other programs, and may be complementary to them. SCOAP data is useful to sites for multiple purposes, including patient safety, process improvement, and accreditation among others. Perhaps most importantly, SCOAP is a safe place for the region’s payers, purchasers, and health care administrators to work jointly with surgeons and their patients to improve the quality of care–without turning over that responsibility to a national organization.

Spine COAP is a Washington State-approved Coordinated Quality Improvement Program (CQIP). This status provides exemption from disclosure of information and documents specifically created and collected for, and maintained by, an approved program.


Transparency is critical across the healthcare spectrum. It touches everything from how physicians practice medicine, to how information is shared with patients, to how hospitals gather and report outcomes.

Transparency provides clarity to physicians, promotes trust among patients and leads to long-term improvements in outcomes.

How does SCOAP use chart abstracted data to improve patient care?

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