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Join us at our next SCOAP and Spine COAP Forum to be held in February, 2022!

The Forum will be followed by our Annual Meeting in early June and another Forum in the Fall of 2022.

Join us as we have further discussions regarding current quality improvement and research activities and other focused work within the learning collaboratives, as well as discussions around standardization and best practice. Other topics informed by the forums earlier this year are also being added, with the current agenda available coming soon.

A Zoom webinar link will be sent out to all registered participants a few days prior to the virtual event.

Registration will be available in early January.

Should you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly by phone or email at any time.


Spine COAP is a physician-led clinical quality improvement collaborative that promotes data-driven quality improvement activities across Washington.

Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and other clinicians engage in the process of selecting evidence-based QI metrics for monitoring – aligned to emerging national metrics when available – as well as a set of “common sense” metrics and those with emerging evidence. Spine COAP has created a community of surgeons acting on performance data through education, peer-benchmarking effects, and evidence based interventions.

Spine COAP is a Washington State-approved Coordinated Quality Improvement Program (CQIP). This status provides exemption from disclosure of information and documents specifically created and collected for, and maintained by, an approved program.


Transparency is critical across the healthcare spectrum. It touches everything from how physicians practice medicine, to how information is shared with patients, to how hospitals gather and report outcomes.

Transparency provides clarity to physicians, promotes trust among patients and leads to long-term improvements in outcomes.

How does Spine COAP use chart abstracted data to improve patient care?

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