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SCOAP’s Advisory Board is composed of surgeons in active practice and representatives of key stakeholders, including professional associations, health plans, enrollees, government and health services researchers.

The SCOAP Advisory Board provides:

  • Leadership and strategic planning for SCOAP activities,
  • Identification of SCOAP’s goals, objectives, and methods,
  • Guidance and coordination for its subcommittees,
  • Direction for the development of products such as reports and presentations
  • Advocacy for SCOAP to surgeons, hospitals, purchasers and the community


Advisory Board Member Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Represent the hospital(s) or organization(s) with which they are affiliated
  • Attend SCOAP Annual Meeting, as well as regional and site meetings
  • Attend at least 50% of the advisory board meetings, either by phone or in person (Lack of participation at this level will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, with considerationof evidence of other active involvement in SCOAP)
  • Voting members-vote on all issues, either at the meetings or by email
  • Serve on sub-committees as needed
Name Organization
Timothy Feldmann, MD Capital Medical Center
Adam Goldin, MD, MPH Children’s Hospital & Medical Center
Jason Loewen, MD ConfluenceHealth
Richard C. Thirlby, MD FACS Foundation for Health Care Quality
Jonathan Gifford, MD Grays Harbor Community Hospital
John Bramhall, MD, PhD Harborview Medical Center
Joseph Frankhouse, MD Legacy Health System
Valerie Halpin, MD Legacy Health System
Laila Rashidi, MD Multicare Health System
Thien Nguyen, MD Overlake Hospital Medical Center
Robert M. Rush, Jr., MD FACS PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
Samantha Quade, MD Providence Everett
Dara Christante, MD Providence Sacred Heart and Holy Family
Allison Porter, MD Skagit Valley Medical Center
David R. Flum, MD MPH University of Washington, Dept of Surgery
Val Simianu, MD MPH Virginia Mason Medical Center
W. Scott Helton, MD Virginia Mason Medical Center
Anjali Kumar, MD Washington State University
SCOAP Liaisons & Advisors
Hugh Straley, MD Bree Collaborative
Nancy Fisher, MD, MPH Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Region X
Patrick Mendenhall Crew Resource Management
Ginny Weir, MPH Foundation for Health Care Quality
Emily Transue, MD Medical Assistance Administration/HCA
Raeann Capehart Noridian Administrative Services
Vickie Kolios-Morris, MSHSA CPHQ Senior Program Director, SCOAP & Spine COAP
Kristin Sitcov Executive Director, Clinical Programs
Richard C. Thirlby, MD FACS SCOAP Medical Director
Ginny Weir, MPH CEO, Foundation for Health Care Quality