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MOC Part 4

Did you know that participating in SCOAP helps you fulfill your MOC 4 requirements? 

All surgeons who wish to maintain their board certification status must comply with American Board of Surgery (ABS) requirements. Starting in 2007, the ABS began requiring a fourth part to the Maintenance of Certification (MOC Part 4) that requires surgeon involvement in a quality improvement initiative fulfillment. SCOAP is working to certify that participation by surgeons meets the requirements of MOC Part 4 with the following stipulations:

  1. Hospital with which surgeon is affiliated must be a SCOAP participating hospital with current, audited data.
  2. Hospital with which surgeon is affiliated must use the surgeon identifier window on SCOAP data submission form
  3. Surgeon must register for MOC 4 with the Foundation for HealthCare Quality (FHCQ) and provide proof of participation in SCOAP activities. This includes:
    • attendance at the annual SCOAP Retreat or
    • participation in at least one regional or local SCOAP meeting; and
    • participation in at least two hospital meetings where SCOAP data is reviewed
    • participation in a local quality improvement effort related to an opportunity for improvement identified by review of the SCOAP data
  4. Surgeon must read two SCOAP-related articles annually and answer a set of related questions. The links below will redirect you to our online Learning Management System, CourseCraft. 

Surgeons who have met these requirements will receive SCOAP MOC 4 certificates on a yearly basis that they can submit to the ABS as proof of involvement in the program. Please visit our online registration site now to provide your contact information and payment so that we might begin the certification process!

MOC: Key Points to Know

  1. Diplomates are required to participate in MOC once they certify or recertify in any specialty after July 1, 2005.
  2. MOC takes effect for a diplomate as of the July 1 following certification or recertification. MOC years run from July 1 to June 30.
  3. Every three years diplomates report to the ABS about their MOC activities by completing an online form on the ABS website. This form will be available as of January 2009.
  4. Also starting in January, diplomates will be able to log in to the ABS website and view a personalized MOC requirements timeline.
  5. Diplomates who certified or recertified in the fall of 2005 or spring of 2006 will be contacted in January with specific instructions and will have until June 30, 2009 to submit information about their MOC activities.

For more information on MOC Part 4 or other MOC requirements, see:

Registration fees will be required to help fund this certification maintenance. Surgeons who have met these requirements will receive SCOAP MOC 4 certificates on a yearly basis that can be submitted to the ABS as proof of involvement in the program.

“One of the biggest returns of our SCOAP membership has been the knowledge that SCOAP data will qualify for our MOC information.”
— Steve Cabrales, MD,

SCOAP Champion at St. John Medical Center, Longview