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Our Reports & Guidelines on SNHE

In 2021, the Foundation for Health Care Quality, through the Bree Collaborative, developed a guideline framework for addressing social need and health equity in clinical spaces.

Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity Report

Our Social Need and Health Equity (SNHE) Steering Committee convened four ad-hoc workgroups to address program priorities for collaborative action. Our four workgroups met till the end of June 2023 when the final reports for each workgroup were published.

To learn more about the workgroups, and read the final reports please click on the hyperlinks below.


  • Report:  a multipage document on social need and health equity by workgroup members as needing improvement that provides information and guidelines for actions different audiences can take within the health care ecosystem (e.g., health delivery sites, health plans, purchasers) to improve the health of that chosen report topic.
  • Guideline: (previously referred to as a recommendation) are actions to be taken by a health care audience to improve social need and health equity.