Foundation Program Sites

OB COAP Executive Team

Angela Chien
Napolitano Peter G

Medical Director Angela Chein, MD – Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Seattle, WA

Chair – Peter Napolitano, MD – Maternal Fetal Medicine, UW Medical Center

Seattle, WA

Kansas City Photographer

Vice Chair  – Carl Olden, MD – Family Medicine, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Yakima, WA

Barbara Levy
Vivienne Souter
K Sitcov_Headshot_1 (002)

Strategic Advisor Barbara Levy, MD – Obstetrical Consultant, The Levy Group

Seattle, WA

Research Director Vivienne Souter, MD – Obstetrician/Geneticist, Natera

Seattle, WA

Executive Director – Kristin Sitcov – Clinical Programs

Seattle, WA

Management Committee Members

Trish Anderson CPHQ MBA BSN  – Senior Director of Safety and Quality, Washington State Hospital Association, Seattle WA
Kandi Bauman, MPA – Consumer Representative; Brotherhood Initiative Research Assistant, University of WA, Seattle WA
Susan Bishop, RNC-OB, MN – Perinatal Outreach Coordinator, Multicare Health System, Tacoma WA
Esther Chung, MD, MPH – Pediatrics, University of WA/Seattle Children’s, Seattle WA
Daniel Enquobahrie, MD, PhD – Director, Center of Excellence in Maternal Child Health; University of WA, Seattle WA
Faisa Farole, LM – Global Midwifery Services, Seattle WA
Sheena Hembrador, MD  – OB Anesthesiology, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Jane Hitti, MD, MPH – Maternal Fetal Medicine, UW Medical Center, Seattle WA
Carolyn Kline, MD, MPH  – Maternal Fetal Medicine, Evergreen Healthcare, Kirkland WA
Mary Lou Kopas, MN, CNM   – Chief of Midwifery, Northwest Hospital Medical Center, Seattle WA
Audrey Levine, LM, CPM – Licensed Midwife, Retired, Smooth Transitions, Seattle WA         

Amber Pattison, RN, MN  – Perinatal QI Clinical Specialist, Northwest Hospital Medical Center, Seattle WA
Beth Tinker, PhD, MN, MPH, RN – Clinical Nurse Advisor/MCH Consultant, WA State Health Care Authority, Olympia WA
Amy VanBlaricom, MD – Medical Director of Operations, OB Hospitalist Group, Seattle WA
Leondra Weiss, RN, MSN – Nurse Manger Maternal Infant Care; UW Medical Center, Seattle WA

Management Committee Advisors

Ginny Weir, MPH – CEO, Foundation for Health Care Quality, Seattle WA
Amber Weiseth, DNP, RNC-OB  – Assoc Director Delivery Decisions, Ariadne Labs, Boston MA
Ellen Kauffman, MD – Founder, Medical Director Emeritus, OB COAP, Seattle WA  

Lara Blair, RN  – Clinical Specialty Coordinator, Armus Corporation, San Mateo CA
Zeila Schmidt, MLIS – Business Analyst, Armus Corporation, Chicago IL 


Ian Painter, PhD
Taylor Riley, MPH