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Below are some important quality improvement resources – some are available for participating sites and some are available to anyone who is working on obstetrical QI!  

      •  The 10-group “Robson” Cesarean Classification system for assessing, monitoring and comparing rates both within and between hospitals is the global standard proposed by the World Health Organization. The categories are based on five basic obstetric characteristics that allow for a comprehensive look at where to focus efforts to reduce the cesarean rate. OB COAP sites will have their site-specific results available each quarter in the Dashboard. For more information, and access to the Robson Classification Implementation Manual, please visit: WHO – Robson Classification 
      • OB COAP has just launched a new dashboard of important clinical metrics. Participating sites have the ability to see their own results benchmarked against other sites as well as the aggregate, and to see changes over a rolling four quarter time period. Dashboards will be updated on a quarterly basis and distributed to members in PowerPoint format for easy distribution and presentation at meetings.  


    • The metrics being examined for 2019-2020 include the following:  

Log-in to the members section of the website to see the complete aggregate slide deck and contact us if you need access to your site-level dashboard. 




California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative:

Preeclampsia Toolkit

Washington State Hospital Association Safe Deliveries Roadmap

visit here for the Roadmap resources and tools to supplement your Quality Improvement efforts: