Foundation Program Sites

The goal of OB COAP is to facilitate the cycle of utilizing data to inform knowledge to generate practice changeTo enable this process, OB COAP members have access to a host of both standardized and customizable real-time reporting tools at the patient, provider, provider-group, hospital, system and program aggregate level.  

Local ownership of the data and QI projects along with collaborative learning and peer-reviewed published research are the backbone to creating meaningful and sustainable improvements in care.  

Check out the page on Data and Outcomes to see some examples of reports that are available and the QI Resources page for more information. OB COAP members can also log in to the members area for more resources. 


The Foundation for Health Care Quality and OB COAP stand against all forms of Anti-Black Racism. We are committed to address health inequities by taking active, anti-racist actions within our organization and in the services we provide. Immediate actions being taken by OB COAP include:

  • Distributing site-level reports on health disparities in pregnancy care and outcomes by race and ethnicity to our member sites on an ongoing basis
  • Public Reporting of aggregate OB COAP data demonstrating health disparities in pregnancy care and outcomes by race and ethnicity
  • Actively and urgently pursuing greater diversity in the OB COAP Management and Research committees
  • Establishing a committee dedicated to health inequities among racial groups in maternity care to advise and help direct the activities of OB COAP.
  • Engaging racially diverse patient representatives in both the Management and Research committees and letting their voices help guide the priorities for quality improvement and research.
  • posting the following statement regarding health equity and COVID 19 from the International Human Rights Network: COVID-19 and Human Rights

We stand with you as we move forward in changing the course of our society, and we welcome your input on additional actions you think we should be taking.