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2022 OB COAP Online Annual Meeting

2022 OB COAP Online Annual Meeting – Agenda




A huge THANK YOU to:

Physicians Insurance for their support of the 2022 OB COAP Online Annual Meeting


OB Hospitalist Group for sponsoring our keynote speaker, Joia Crear-Perry, MD

2021 OB COAP Online Annual Meeting

2021 OB COAP Online Annual Meeting – Agenda

8:00 Welcome & Update – What’s New in OB COAP Program, Research & Collaborations Vivienne Souter, MD;OB COAP Medical DirectorKristin Sitcov, Executive Director Clinical Programs

8:20 Practical Improvement Methods to Improve Maternal Health Don A. Goldmann, MD; Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus & Senior Fellow, Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) Christina Gunther-Murphy, MBA ;Vice President, Operations & Improvement Advisor, Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI)

9:30 Post-Partum Hemorrhage:

Examining OB COAP Data – Tracking the Impact of QI Efforts Vivienne Souter, MD; OB COAP Medical Director

Management of PPH – Latest Science & Simulation Techniques Dena Goffman, MD; Chief of Obstetrics, Sloane Hospital for Women; Associate Chief Quality Officer, Obstetrics, New York-Presbyterian

10:40 Time Out

10:50 Burnout – Focusing on the Care Providers as an Essential Element for Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Pat O’Brien, MB, BCh, MFFP, FRCOG ;Vice President, Royal College Obstetrics & Gynecology; OB/GYN, University College London Hospitals, UK; Jeannine Acantilado Wolinsky RN, MSN, MBA Senior Advisor, Elan Consulting Services

12:15 Lunch Time Concurrent Breakout Q&A Discussions with OB COAP Management Committee Members:

Intro to Simulation in Situ on Labor & Delivery Units Pete Napolitano, MD; MFM, UW Medical Center

Medicaid Policy Update Beth Tinker, PhD, MN, MPH, RN; MCH Consultant, WA State Health Care Authority

Nurse Attribution Project Updates Amber Weiseth, DNP, RNC-OB; Assoc Director Delivery Decisions, Ariadne Labs Joyce Edmonds, PhD, MPH, RN; Assoc Professor Nursing, Boston College

2nd Stage of Labor Mary Lou Kopas, MN, CNM; Chief Midwifery, UW Northwest Hospital

Obesity & Pregnancy Guidelines Angela Chien, MD; OB/GYN, OB COAP QI Director; Susan Bishop RNC-OB, MN; Perinatal Outreach Coordinator, Multicare Health System;

OB COAP version 5.0 Lara Blair, RN; Clinical Specialty Coordinator, Armus Corporation

Trends in Elective Inductions Following the ARRIVE Trial Vivienne Souter, MD

Open Chat Room Discussion

12:45 2nd Stage of Labor:

Management of 2nd State of Labor Aaron Caughey, MD, PhDProfessor and Chair Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oregon Health Sciences University

Research Findings Rajiv Varma, MB, FRCOG CEO, Safe Obstetric Systems

1:40 COVID-19 in Pregnancy:

Science Update – Clinical Implications of the Science & Research Kristina Adams Waldorf, MD Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Adjunct Professor, Global Health; University of Washington School of Medicine

Changes in Obstetrical Practice & Outcomes During the Pandemic Taylor Riley, MPHPhD Candidate, University of Washington; Consulting Statistician, OB COAP

2:50 Wrap up / CME

3:00 Adjourn

Thank you to Physicians Insurance for supporting the 2021 OB COAP Online Annual Meeting.

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