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Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine 2021 Meeting

Several abstracts have been accepted for the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine 2021 Annual Meeting:

  • Length of Labor and Severe Maternal Morbidity in the NTSV Population (ORAL Presentation) – Ben Lengerich PhD(c); Rich Caruana PhD; Ian Painter, PhD; Bill Weeks, MD, PhD, MBA; Sydney Spencer; Kristin Sitcov; Vivienne Souter, MD
  • Cesarean Section Rates by Induction of Labor Indication in Diabetic Pregnancies (POSTER) – Kelsey Olerich, MD PhD; Emily Fay, MD; Joseph Hwang, MD
  • Excess Risk of Preterm Delivery in Monochorionic Diamniotic Twins: A Review of 1536 Twin Pregnancies (POSTER) – Bettina Paek, MD; Martin Walker, MD; Carolyn Kline, MD; Catherine Albright, MD; Robin DeRegt, MD, Kristin Sitcov; Vivienne Souter, MD
  • Pregnancy Complications and Risk of Post Partum Readmission (POSTER) – Ellen Kauffman, MD; Carolyn Kline, MD, MPH; Catherine Albright, MD, MS; Cameron Kline Sharpe; Erin R. Dwyer; Vivienne Souter, MD

OB COAP Bibliography – April 2021

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