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WPSC Speak-UP! Award
Recognizing healthcare staff who make the “good catches” and speak up to keep patients and staff safe.

Congratulations Fall 2023 Award Recipients

Individual award: Vanna Staver, RN at the University of Washington Medical Center – Northwest prevented what could have been permanent harm from a wrong site surgery. Speaking up for safety, especially in the operating room where authority gradient can be apparent, takes courage and is supported by the Northwest’s psychologically safe work culture. Because of Vanna’s speaking up for safety, the organization has identified opportunities related to surgical site marking standards and implemented quality improvement changes to ensure the process is reliable and safe, every time.

Team award: Infusion Center TeamValley Medical Center, – Stopping The Line when there is a patient concern, re-assessment of the situation, speaking up, and intervening to prevent patient harm prevented medication errors. From the front desk staff, patient care assistants, nurses, and leadership, all members of the Infusion Team embody excellent teamwork and accountability, especially in challenging situations. Speaking up resulted in greater collaboration with ordering providers leading to improved trust between providers and nurses.

The WPSC Speak-Up! Award is a statewide recognition program that acknowledges the efforts of individuals and teams at Washington healthcare organizations who demonstrate a commitment to keeping patients and staff safe by speaking up and voicing their concerns to promote health care safety. Information is found on the award landing page.


The Washington State Patient Safety Coalition unites a diverse range of healthcare stakeholders to achieve one goal: safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere. 

Improving safety and decreasing errors requires the active participation of a wide range of committed individuals and organizations. WPSC is member-based program made up of 40+ organizations representing healthcare systems, associations, and advocacy groups across the state of Washington.

We greatly value the involvement of our members, who diversify the conversation with their unique perspectives and experiences. We share information in a safe, neutral setting that allows you to comfortably learn, connect, and collaborate with a community of peers.

Patient Safety Initiatives

Every two years we choose two new initiatives to focus on. Learn about what we’re focused on now.


Curated annually by the WPSC, the Northwest Patient Safety Conference is the only event of its kind in the Western US, uniting healthcare professionals, providers, patients, families, and caregivers from all care settings for a day of networking and engaging in sessions with industry thought leaders and others invested in improving the patient experience.

Art Speaks

Art is not only beautiful, it is a potent medium of expression. WPSC’s is featuring artwork as a powerful way to connect with patients’ experiences with health conditions.




Our monthly webinars coincide with our quarterly curriculums and serve to share best practices and lessons learned for patient safety topics relevant to our members.



With articles, interviews, podcasts, videos, reports, press releases, event invites, and job listings, the Friday 5 newsletter is an easy way to stay current on the local and national goings-on in the ever-changing healthcare industry.



Our annual conference unites healthcare professionals, providers, patients, families, and caregivers for a day of networking and engaging in sessions with industry thought leaders and others invested in improving the patient experience.