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The Washington Patient Safety Coalition (WPSC) is a program of the Foundation for Health Care Quality (FHCQ) that acts as a neutral hub uniting a diverse range of healthcare stakeholders to achieve common patient safety goals.

A member-based program, the WPSC is made up of 40+ organizations representing healthcare systems, associations, and advocacy groups across the state of Washington. Representatives from these organizations sit on our committees, helping to shape the direction and activities of the WPSC. Each quarter, we choose a curriculum topic that represents a significant area for growth in the patient safety and quality space.

Our educational resources include webinars, podcasts, newsletters, blog posts, and resource libraries to keep you learning.

Our events include quarterly round tables, our annual Northwest Patient Safety Conference, and other community events to help foster community and collaboration. Our committees connect people across the healthcare sector to explore pressing topics in patient safety. Our partnerships include the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, PFACs and other patient advocacy organizations, and the UW’S Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement in support of the Communication and Resolution Program (CRP) and CRP Certification to reshape responses to patient harm.

Our continuing mission is to improve safety for patients receiving healthcare in Washington, in all care settings, with a vision of safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.

Patient Safety Initiatives

Every two years we choose two new initiatives to focus on. Learn about what we’re focused on now.


Curated annually by the WPSC, the Northwest Patient Safety Conference is the only event of its kind in the Western US, uniting healthcare professionals, providers, patients, families, and caregivers from all care settings for a day of networking and engaging in sessions with industry thought leaders and others invested in improving the patient experience.

Strength in Numbers

Improving safety and decreasing errors requires the active participation of a wide range of committed individuals and organizations. The more members the Coalition has, more effective we can be. We greatly value the involvement of our members for diversifying the conversation with unique perspectives and wisdom. And because we share information in a safe, neutral setting, we allow you to comfortably learn, connect, and collaborate with a community of peers.

Join Us!

The Washington Patient Safety Coalition can help you and your organization improve patient safety and quality. Member benefits include a seat at the table on our committees, discounts to our annual conference and monthly webinars, and regular resources like newsletters, blogs, and podcasts. The financial support of our members is vital to the Coalition’s development, implementation, and evaluation of effective activities. Join us today:

1) Download the form
2) Fill out the required information
3) Select the membership category that best describes your organization
4) Mail form and payment to:

705 2nd Ave, Suite 410
Seattle, WA 98104

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Levy.



The blog serves to highlight patient safety news, stories, and initiatives aimed at upholding our mission: safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.



Our monthly webinars coincide with our quarterly curriculums and serve to share best practices and lessons learned for patient safety topics relevant to our members.



With articles, interviews, podcasts, videos, reports, press releases, event invites, and job listings, the Friday 5 newsletter is an easy way to stay current on the local and national goings-on in the ever-changing healthcare industry.



Our annual conference unites healthcare professionals, providers, patients, families, and caregivers for a day of networking and engaging in sessions with industry thought leaders and others invested in improving the patient experience.