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Current Initiatives

Every two years, we choose two major initiatives to focus our activities around that represent significant areas for growth in the patient safety and quality space. From there, we organize Action Planning Subcommittees who meet monthly to explore these topics and plan activities around them.

In 2018, we chose the following two initiatives for the 2018-2019 period:

1) Improving the Diagnostic Process

This workgroup will develop a toolkit of tools and resources around best practices. Promote collaborative diagnosis (including patient/family).Work to promote collaborative diagnosis and beyond that, help patients understand how best to prepare for visits and collaborate and engage with their providers.

2) Addressing Stigma Bias

The workgroup will work with the BREE Collaborative, to implement existing recommendations already developed by BREE and raise awareness of the following issues:

  • LGBTQ Healthcare specifically related to access and equity
  • Stigma surrounding Behavioral Health specifically the following: Suicide Care and Opioid Use Disorder

3) Psychological Safety in the Workplace

The workgroup will develop tactics and tools to promote and encourage a culture where employees are willing to speak up and report safety issues without fear of retaliation

Communication & Resolution

We also have an ongoing initiative in support of the UW’S Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement in support of the Communication and Resolution Program (CRP) and CRP Certification to reshape responses to patient harm. Learn more about our CRP work.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved in any of the initiatives above? Contact us.