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Working together to improve health care quality, outcomes, affordability, and equity. 


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What makes a good topic:

  • There is a unique contribution a Bree Collaborative workgroup could add for Washington state
  • The topic meets our four criteria:
    • Equity concerns: care and/or outcomes are inequitable between different populations in our state.
    • High variation: care is delivered differently depending on site or circumstances, with potential undertreatment or overtreatment.
    • High cost and/or utilization: The cost or utilization of care is high, which combined with poor outcomes could indicate potential waste in the healthcare system.
    • Poor outcomes: all or some populations affected experience poor outcomes
  • Some evidence is available on proven strategies to address the health topic
  • Current data is publicly available on the health topic.
  • Standardizing practice, protocols, processes, or measurement and tracking could strengthen care for this topic, which the Bree report could address.
  • Requires a multistakeholder collaborative approach to drive change

For more information, including our current reports, frequently asked questions and contact information, please visit our website here.

Request to Submit Data on Perinatal Behavioral Health work!

The 2023 Perinatal Behavioral Health work group is interested in collecting baseline process data throughout the year 2024. If your organization is using or is planning on using the Bree guidelines, we would like to invite you to participate in our baseline data collection effort. We will collect this data using a self-attestation score card method. Score Cards can be found HERE . Scroll down to the “What’s New?” section. Simply fill out the score card any time between now and the end of 2024 and send it to Karie Nicholas at

We have worked on: Obstetrics – Cardiology – Hospital Readmissions – Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement – Spine Surgery – Low Back Pain Lumbar Fusion – End-of-Life Care – Addiction and Dependence Treatment – Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – Prostate Cancer Screening – Oncology Care – Opioid Prescribing – Pediatric Psychotropic Use – Bariatric Surgery – Behavioral Health Integration – Opioid Use Disorder – Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias – Hysterectomy – Suicide Care – Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain – LGBTQ Health Care – Shared Decision Making – Maternity Bundled Payment Model – Palliative Care – Risk of Violence to Others – Oncology Care: Inpatient Service Use – Colorectal Cancer Screening – Primary Care – Reproductive and Sexual Health – Telehealth – Opioids and Older Adults – Cervical Cancer Screening – Social Determinants of Health