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Welcome to the Bree Collaborative Evaluation Home Page

On this page you will find introductory information about our evaluation activities and links our dashboards, evaluation reports,  and the Evaluation Survey Question Bank.


A View From The Top – In July of 2024 this space will be home to our new blog called A View From The Top. The intent of this blog is to keep you up to date on current evaluation projects, data calls, new report-outs or results, new evaluation tools, and more.

Evaluation Program

The Bree Collaborative Evaluation Program incorporates multiple methods to gather information on the usefulness, uptake, and impact of the Bree Guidelines. For more information on the components of our evaluation program, see the section below.

Our evaluation data and reports are used to provide information back to Bree Members and partners, to improve our guideline development process, to inform the Washington State Legislature, and to demonstrate the “how to” of implementation work to other organizations that are interested in adopting the guidelines.

Bree Collaborative Dashboards and Reports

The Bree Collaborative is creating dashboards to measure the progress on implementation and impact of our guidelines. You can visit our Dashboard and Reports home page HERE.

Bree Collaborative Evaluation Survey Question Bank

The Bree Collaborative has developed a collaborative question bank, where organizations can draw from and share evaluation questions with the goal of aligning evaluations of implementation projects. Modeled on the CDC’s Survey Question Bank, this resource can support organizations in demonstrating the value of their implementation work.

Bree Collaborative Case Study Development – COMING SOON!

The Bree Collaborative is creating case studies, in partnership with other organizations, in order to illustrate different implementation projects. Case studies may be on broad topics and include multiple guideline reports, or they may be focused on a single report.

Case studies are developed through a standardized method, borrowed from the Guidelines International Network, to support validity and reliability of the information.

Evaluation Tool Depot

We have developed a suite of tools to help you plan, design, and execute an evaluation of your projects.


Individuals and organizations can participate in Bree Surveys, data submissions and evaulation designs to support our evaluation work.

Take our Health System Survey on usefulness of Bree Collaborative Guidelines

Self report your uptake of Bree Guidelines and assess your concordance of care with best practices

The Bree Collaborative has developed a new Implementation Guide that contains Evaluation Tools, including evaluation Score Cards. Organizations can use these score cards for internal assessments or submit them to the Bree to be eligible for our Trailblazer awards.

Take our Data Capacity Survey on organizational data capacity and usefulness of Bree Guidelines to identify data collection and sharing goals

Current Evaluation Projects

Data Submission Calls

The Bree collaborative puts out data submission calls for evaluations that are currently in progress.

Evaluation Design Calls

We invite individuals and organizations to participate in designing formal evaluations for our current guideline reports. Whether you are an experienced evaluator interested in the topic or a student just learning about implementation and evaluation, we welcome your support and input.

For further information you may also contact our Evaluation and Measurement Manager, Karie Nicholas at