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The Foundation for Health Care Quality, through the Bree Collaborative, develops collaborative guidelines to help health system stakeholders chart their paths of transformation towards achieving improved quality, reduction in variation in care and health equity. The Bree Collaborative applauds clinics, hospitals, systems, health plans and other care providers that prioritize the elimination of structural and process barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Any organization that is identified as an “audience” (clinician, health system, health plan, etc.) can submit a “score card” attestation of concordance of care with the Bree Collaborative guidelines for a Trailblazer Award.

Any data or information submitted with this award application is used to populate dashboards and reports on the uptake and use of the Bree guidelines. Unless you are otherwise notified, all use of the data for reports and dashboard is de-identified. Names of award winners will be published on our map and will consist of organization name, locations (s), name of award, date award was given, and type of organizations (school, health system, health plan, etc.)

Recipients of the Trailblazer Awards are acknowledged with:

  • Award certificate
  • pins for staff directly involved in the implementation of the guidelines to celebrate their role as champions
  • award logos to display on your website, social media, and other communications to advertise your work on best practices to patients and health care partners

Trailblazer Award criteria

  • Submission of topic specific score card
  • Submission of supporting documentation

The Trailblazer awards are based on the submission of the Bree Collaborative evaluation score cards for each report and supporting documentation. Awards are given to those organizations that meet the benchmark established by the Bree for concordance of care with best practices.

Evaluation score cards can be found in the Bree Collaborative Implementation Guide under the Metrics and Evaluation tab.

Score card submission can be done via email to or via the Submission Portal (link)

  • Application open: year round
  • Award Notifications: January through March of each year

What are the purpose of the score cards?

Each report has associated, audience specific score cards. These are designed to measure the extent to which organizations follow best practices for a given topic.

What are the differences between the Pathfinder awards and the Trailblazer awards?

The Pathfinder awards are designed for organizations that are just beginning to implement quality improvement projects based on the Bree guidelines. Organizations receiving a Pathfinder award may have implemented some, but not all of the Bree recommendations for a give topic. This award can be thought of as answering the question “Did you do it?”

The Trailblazer awards are designed to measure concordance of care for a given topic. Organizations receiving these awards may or may not have implemented the Bree guidelines specifically, but are doing processes that are similar to or highly concordant with the Bree guidelines. This award can be though of as answering the questions “How well did you do it?”

What kind of support documentation should be included?

Supporting documentation may include links in the score card to webpages or documents or separate documents showing examples of policies, procedures, workflows, patient information, quality metrics data, or other items that demonstrate ways to operationalize guideline recommendations.

Who should be involved in filling out the checklists?

Depending on the report topics you may consider convening a team to provide information on concordance of care. Examples of some positions you may consider are:

  • Quality Improvement Director
  • Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Nursing Officer or Chief Medical Officer
  • Patient Advocate and Community Engagement Lead
  • Chief Population Health Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Clinicians or clinical support staff

Step 1: work through the score card and gather any supporting documentation you need.

Step 2: Submit your documents through the portal at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Bree Staff will review your submission and contact you via email for notification of awards.

Step 4: Your certificates and other awards will be mailed to you or your organization.

Submission Portal
This form can be used to submit the Score Cards from the Bree Implementation guide. Score cards are used to measure concordance of care, population our dashboards. By submitting a score card organizations will be eligible to receive a Trailblazer award.
What is the mane of the Bree Report that you are submitting for?
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.
Upload the Bree Collaborative Score Card here. Score cards can be found under each topic area in our Implementation Guide.