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Welcome to the Bree Collaborative Implementation Home Page

On this page you will find introductory information and links to our Implementation Guide (IG) for all guidelines, the Bree Collaborative dashboard, case studies on Bree guidelines implementation, the Evaluation Survey Question Bank, and information about our implementation and evaluation plan and activities.


We anticipate releasing our full Implementation Guide for Bree Collaborative reports in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, you can access our newly developed checklists and resources to support the implementation of our Hepatitis C guidelines below.

The Bree Collaborative is conducting and evaluation of the uptake and usefulness of our guidelines. Your participation is welcome. Help us help you – please take a moment to fill out our brief health system survey below.

New Resources

HCV Checklists :The checklist translates the Bree guidelines into action steps for that sector (i.e., clinician, health delivery site, health plan, purchaser, etc.). The action items have been arranged into levels 1, 2, and 3 to correspond to the difficulty level of implementing the action into the sectors’ setting. Further information is below.

Resources and Tools:

Continuing Education Resources:

The full report can be found here: Hepatitis C Report and Recommendations Final


Implementation Guide (IG) General Information Page – NOW AVAILABLE!

The General Information page is the place to get started. It provides and introduction to the Implementation Guide, and overview of its structure, and a review of the Bree Collaborative’s Implementation Framework and transformation plan.

On the General Information Page you will also find information and forms for our self-report system and information on our awards for implementation work.


Full Implementation Guide – COMING SOON!

Implementation Guide Summary

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of each of our guidelines and their key components and provide tools to support the translation of the reports into practice.

The IG includes General Information Page, topic specific guidance and resources page that includes checklists, tools and resources, webinars, and measures to support the implementation of the Bree guidelines across all sectors of the health care eco-system (e.g., clinicians, health plans, purchasers, etc.), a Survey Question Bank page for assistance with evaluations, and case studies page to provide examples of previous implementation work.

Bree staff began developing the Implementation Guide in 2023, a living document that will be updated over time to include further information and resources for all the published Bree reports. Please continue to check back in on the webpage to see new tools as they are developed. Bree staff are prioritizing the development of materials for the most recent Bree reports.