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Health System Survey

Health System Survey

Thank you for taking the time review our survey for the spread of Bree Guidelines. We welcome any feedback you have.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out our survey regarding the uptake of the Bree Collaborative Guidelines.

In 2011, the Washington State Legislature established the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative so that public and private health care stakeholders would have the opportunity to identify specific ways to improve health care quality, outcomes, and affordability in Washington State. Each year, our members identify health care services with high variation in the way that care is delivered, that are frequently used but do not lead to better care or patient health, or that have patient safety issues. For most topics, we form an expert work group to develop evidence-based recommendations. We have developed guidelines in a wide variety of clinical areas from obstetrics to end-of-life care. Who is the audience for this survey? We are hoping to get broad participation from multiple roles within organizations, health delivery systems and clinics. Some examples of potential roles include: Medical Directors, QI, Population Health, clinical leadership (ex: managers or directors), clinicians (ex: nurses, physicians, PA's, behavioral health staff, etc.), administrators (ex: IPC, contracting). Please feel free to forward this on to anyone in your organizations that you think may be interested in responding. We would appreciate your help in gaining a better understanding of the spread and use of our guidelines. We would also like to learn a little about their ease of use and any barriers and facilitators that detour or support their implementation in a clinical setting. If you are unfamiliar with the Bree and the guidelines we create, we still welcome your input to help us gain a better understanding of the reach of our work. We will not be using any individual level data without the express permission of the respondent. The data we gather from this report will be used to inform our dissemination process, to create evaluation reports, to create a dashboard using high-level aggregated data, and to refine future research on the implementation of the guidelines. You won't need to search for any quantitative answers because we are interested in YOUR current level of knowledge and understanding.
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For the purposes of this survey the term "implementation" can be understood to mean; use of a guideline in part or full in the course of clinical practice, health care contracting, policy making, educational programs, or other health care related activities; and/or use of guidelines to fulfill the elements of an initative, regulation, or requirements.