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Our Care Outcomes Assessment Programs (COAPs) are dedicated to a specific clinical specialties and are unique in that they are clinician-led and driven by successful data-driven collaboration. The COAPs have proven incredibly effective at promoting changes that result in improved quality and patient safety and reduced variability in process and outcomes. These collaboratives use chart-abstracted data from medical and surgical services to provide member hospitals with the data they need to drive continual improvement of health care that meets or exceeds established standards.

  • Cardiac Care Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP)
  • Surgical Care Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP)
  • Spine Care Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (Spine COAP)
  • Obstetrical Care Outcomes Assessment Program (OB COAP)

The Bree Collaborative identifies specific ways to improve health care quality, outcomes, affordability, and equity by identifying health care services with high variation in the way that care is delivered, that are frequently used but do not lead to better care or patient health, or that have patient safety issues. We have developed guidelines in a wide variety of clinical areas from obstetrics to end-of-life care.

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