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About COAP

The Cardiac Care Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP) was launched in 1997 guided by these core beliefs: the direction of health care is best guided by physicians; the quality of health care is best measured by analyzing clinical data; and the improvement of health care is best achieved through universal program participation. This universal participation ensures a robust dataset for meaningful comparison and interpretation, creates opportunities to collaborate and share practice across the region, and sets the stage for transparency and open dialogue around current challenges in cardiac care. COAP’s purpose is to support all hospitals and clinicians in achieving the highest levels of patient care and outcomes.

COAP convenes clinicians from across the region at monthly meetings to review data, discuss current challenges, and identify areas for improvement. Individual hospitals and physicians are supported with real time data reports and access to COAP community resources and expertise. We convene members every June to review the prior year’s data, share practice, discuss current issues in cardiac care, and further build community.

As a demonstration of the region’s commitment to quality, all COAP member sites have agreed to participate in public reporting.