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Armus Resources

Armus serves as the data partner for Foundation for Health Care Quality’s clinical programs. While sites can contract with Armus independently for data entry needs across a wide range of registries, all COAP member hospitals receive access to a comprehensive suite of reporting tools for both CathPCI and adult cardiac surgery. These reporting tools allow members to create customized reports that they can standardize and run throughout the year, ad hoc reports to support quality improvement efforts, and patient level reports to validate data integrity or drill down to better understand outcomes data. Reports can be run at the regional level, system level, hospital level, physician level and patient level. And because COAP captures all cardiac data across the region, sites can access comparative data for any hospital, or group of hospitals, in the region to better understand how their performance measures up. For sites using Armus for data entry, Armus also provides StarMetrix reports that compare sites to national performance.

Access to the COAP registry must be approved by the site administrator at each hospital. All user requests should be made, by the site administrator, via email to Jeannie Collins-Brandon, COAP Program Director. Once approved, users will receive login credentials and invitations to online Armus trainings. The Armus data entry and reporting site is:

Armus Support Desk:; 1-800-94-ARMUS. Contact Armus Support for technical support in entering or uploading data to the COAP registry, and to troubleshoot technical issues in using the reporting tools. Via the Armus zendesk system you can also access information regarding online trainings, training manuals, and release notes for ongoing updates to the COAP registry.

Jeannie Collins-Brandon, COAP Program Director, is also available to provide training and individualized support in using the reporting tools. Please contact her to schedule a screen sharing session.