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What is CRP Screening?

CRP Screening is a process where healthcare licensees and organizations that are utilizing a CRP approach to their response to an adverse event can receive real-time feedback from a neutral group of CRP experts and patient advocates.

After an adverse event has occurred, organizations can submit the event for CRP Screening at any point before the CRP process reaches resolution. As the CRP process can be complex, roadblocks or barriers may arise during your CRP response. The purpose of CRP Screening is to provide applicants with support from a neutral panel of experts to work through areas where the applicant is stuck, affirm if the current CRP response is aligned with core CRP principles and is on the right track toward CRP Certification, and receive support/guidance completing a CRP Certification application. The applicant or a representative from the applying organization may attend the review panel session in which their case is being discussed to answer questions or talk through where they are experiencing issues in their CRP response. Attending the review panel meeting is not mandatory, and all applications are anonymous by default. After the review panel discusses the case, their feedback will be summarized and returned to the applicant in the form of a CRP Screening report.

Another use for CRP Screening can be for individuals who have experienced an adverse event in the past, but would like advice on how the CRP process could have been used or how the CRP response could have been improved.

CRP Screening is an intermediate step before CRP Certification, however, organizations do not have to apply for both. Applicants for CRP Screening are highly encouraged to apply for CRP Certification once the CRP response is complete. If the adverse event is investigated by the Washington State Medical Commission, only the CRP Certification report may be submitted to regulatory bodies.

Note: CRP Screening can be a continuous process if desired. The CRP process can take weeks to months, so the review panel can be available to support throughout the process as needed.