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CRP Certification is a process intended to incentivize positive resolutions, learning, and quality improvement after instances of patient harm. When healthcare providers and organizations have utilized a CRP following an adverse event, they can apply for CRP Certification. A neutral group of patient safety experts and patient advocates has been convened to review responses to adverse events and certify whether the patient’s needs have been met, any individual or system-level inadequacies have been addressed, and learning has occurred. The certification process provides valuable feedback to healthcare organizations and demonstrates to regulators that they achieved all the essentials of a CRP.

In comparison to CRP Screening, CRP Certification is a formalized evaluation of the CRP response to an adverse medical event. Applications for CRP Certification may only be accepted after the CRP response has completed. In this process, the CRP Review Panel will thoroughly examine the CRP response to ensure that all core elements of CRP were met. If the event that is being evaluated for CRP Certification is also being investigated by the Washington Medical Commission, all certified events may be submitted to the Medical Commission to supplement their investigation as further evidence that patient safety has improved following the event. The CRP event does not have to be investigated by the Medical Commission to pursue CRP Certification. If there is not an open investigation with the Medical Commission, submitting a certified CRP Certification report to the Commission is not necessary.