Foundation Program Sites


Beginning in 2010,* The University of Washington partnered with Physicians Insurance and the Foundation for Health Care Quality to assemble a diverse group of healthcare stakeholders from across the state of Washington with the broad goal of transforming communication in healthcare. Initiation of this novel project was made possible as part of a grant by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Today, the Communication and Resolution Program work remains administered by a Foundation program called the Washington Patient Safety Coalition.


 The Washington Patient Safety Coalition (WPSC) is a program of the Foundation for Health Care Quality, dedicated to shared learning and dissemination of best practices addressing patient safety.  We are a collaborative of individual and organizational members that come together to identify and improve upon patient safety priorities. Today, we continue serving as a neutral facilitator in the exchange of ideas, best practices, successes/ challenges, tips, tools and resources that aim to create the safest care delivery systems for all patients in Washington State. One of the many patient safety activities housed within the WPSC is the effort to promote Communication Resolution Programs.





*From 2010- 2015, The Communication and Resolution Program was administered by a Foundation for Healthcare Quality Program named, HealthPact. In 2016, HealthPact was sunset and all continuing CRP efforts were integrated into the WPSC. Click here for official HealthPact integration announcement.