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Washington Healthcare Forum COVID-19 Work Groups

The Washington Healthcare Forum is a coalition of senior leaders from major Washington state health care organizations and represents a cross-section of health plans, hospitals, physician practices and trade associations. The Forum organizations are pulling together cross-disciplinary work groups that are prioritizing issues, convening subject matter experts, sharing information, developing best practices and working together with other community partners.

The consensus recommendations, Q&A materials and references have been generated and gathered by the Washington Healthcare Forum COVID-19 Work Group. They are provided to all healthcare organizations and government agencies working to control the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington state.

These documents may be used by organizations participating in this effort, including re-branding, re-posting or modifying.

  Consensus Recommendations

Consensus Position – COVID-19 Protection WSMA 030820

 Consensus Recommendations for Collection of Nasophoryngeal (NP) Swabs 032320

Administration Direction for Health Plan Policies, Procedures and Practices 032420 

Administration Direction for Provider Practices 032320

Administration Direction for Industry Guidelines 032420


 DOH Guidance for COVID 19 Testing, PPE, Isolation and Quarantine 031920

 Adult Critical Care Triage Algorithm 031520

 Scarce Resource Triage Team Guidelines 031920

 Pediatric Critical Care Triage Algorithm 031920

  Online Resources for General COVID-19 Information

Personal Protective Equipment Donations

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services- Current Emergencies

Centers for Disease Control and and Prevention- Coronavirus Disease 2019

Washington Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

  Telehealth Resources

Apple Health (Medicaid) Clinical Policy and Billing for COVID 19

COVID-19 Telehealth Coding and Billing Practice Management Tips

HCA Offers Limited Number of No-Cost Telehealth Technology Licenses for Providers

  Behavioral Health Resources

Training and Technical Assistance Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Response and 42 CFR Part 2 Guidance

OUD In the time of COVID-19 FAQs