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Data Capacity Survey Recommendations

As part of the Bree Collaborative’s Evaluation work we are planning on sending out a targeted survey to collect information on health provider organizations data and IT capabilities. We are looking for recommendations for people from your organizations who would be appropriate contacts for this survey request.

This is a short survey consisting of two focus areas. The first is on knowledge and usefulness of the Bree Guidelines and consists of four likert scale questions. The second is on HIMSS levels and consists of two, single-select questions. The audience for this survey are CIO, CIMO’s, or others at your organization who have knowledge about your HIMSS levels and who would lead changes to your EHR/EMR or analytics systems.

The person(s) you recommend should know about HIMSS data maturity models. More information on HIMSS models here.

Please let us know who at your organization would be most appropriate to fill out a brief survey on your organizations IT capabilities, including HIMSS levels.