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Propose a Bree Report Topics for 2024


Currently, the Bree Collaborative has developed over 40 reports. For 2024, we are looking to revisit previous Bree Report topics and topics we have yet to cover. Please provide a suggested topic for 2024 by completing the form below. The form will close in mid-July. New topics for 2024 will be announced in the Fall.


The Bree Collaborative is a neutral convener for public and private healthcare stakeholders within the Washington State healthcare ecosystem to come together to identify specific ways to improve healthcare quality, outcomes, affordability, and equity in the state.

Each year, our members identify health care services with high variation in the way that care is delivered, that are frequently used but do not lead to better care or patient health, or that have patient safety issues or equity issue. For most topics, Bree forms an expert workgroup to develop evidence-based recommendations. Recommendations take into account existing quality improvement programs and the work done by other organizations and are then sent to the Washington State Health Care Authority to guide the type of health care provided to Medicaid enrollees, state employees, and other groups.

Characteristics of an appropriate topic for Bree:

  • High variation in the way that care is delivered.
  • Current practices do not lead to better care for patient health or have patient safety issues or equity issues.
  • Some evidence is available on proven strategies to strengthen the health topic
  • Current data is available on the health topic
  • The topic may need more standardization in practice, which the Bree report can address.
  • Requires a multi-sector approach to improvement.
  • The report can have an impact on WA state.

Previous Topics

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