Foundation Program Sites


Introduction and Methods

Information on dashboards coming soon!

Dashboards by Topic Area

Dashboards are displayed as aggregate topic areas due to overlap on metrics, process recommendations, coverage recommendations.

General Topics Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Including: LGBTQ Care, Primary Care, Shared Decision Making, SDOH and Health Equity, and Telehealth

Aging Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Including: Dementia and End-of-life Care

Behavioral Health Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Addiction and Dependence Treatment, Behavioral Health Integration, Opioid Use Disorder Treatment, Pediatric Psychotropics, Risk of Violence Towards Others, Suicide Care and Perinatal Behavioral Health

Care Transitions Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Hospital Re-admissions and Complex Discharge from Hospitals (coming soon)

Chronic Disease Management Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Pediatric Asthma and Diabetes Care (coming soon)

Infectious Disease Management Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Hepatitis C and Outpatient Infection Control

Managing Pain Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain, Dental Guidelines on Prescribing for Acute Pain Management, Low Back Pain, Long-term Opioid Therapy, Opioid Prescribing Metrics, Opioid Prescribing in Older Adults, Palliative Care, and Prescribing Opioids for Post-operative Pain

Oncology (Cancer) Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Cervical Cancer Screening, Colo-rectal Cancer Screening, Prostate Cancer Screening, Oncology Care – Early Stage Testing, and Oncology Care – Inpatient Services

Reproductive Health Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Hysterectomy, Obstetrics Care, Perinatal Bundle Payment Model, and Reproductive and Sexual Health

Surgery Dashboard (links coming soon!)

Includes: Lumbar Fusion Surgical Bundle

Who is implementing Bree Guidelines?

The Bree Collaborative is in the process of mapping organizations that have taken part in our evaluations. As this map is developed you will be able to:

  • Search by guideline topic
  • Search by health system name
  • Search by health plan