Foundation Program Sites

Research is an integral part of the clinical collaborative programs.

The Foundation for Health Care Quality’s core quality improvement collaboratives are known as the Care Outcomes Assessment Programs. Each of these programs is focused on a specific clinical area which utilizes provider-specific clinical data from the electronic health record to examine the care given and resulting outcomes in the context of patient risk factors. These programs also serve as ground-breaking sources of peer-reviewed research.

Over the decades of their existence, members of the various COAP collaboratives have contributed to the collection of data from hundreds of thousands of records. These data serve as an unparalleled source from which to ask innumerable research questions that are relevant and urgent to the quality and future of care. Countless papers have been published and presented and ongoing research is being conducted in the areas of OB, Cardiac, Spine and General Surgery.

Visit the clinical QI program pages for bibliographies and information about how to be involved.